Ben Lytle

Ben Lytle has been routinely ahead of the curve in his career as an entrepreneur, CEO, and investor and in how he has chosen to live. For several years, he has been paying close attention to the converging forces of change that few people have recognized. Ben makes a compelling argument in this first book that this convergence will reshape life as we know it and every human being as they know themselves today. He makes the case that life and people will emerge better in the end but that there will be turbulent times, difficult decisions, and rough sledding on the way, particularly for those who are unprepared.

Ben’s written message matches how he speaks, combining everyday, relatable language with some fun thrown into the mix. He describes a sweeping, compelling, uplifting perspective for what humans can achieve in the next three decades if they are devoted to individual and collective potential and the power of wisdom to make a better world.

Why does a successful, fulfilled person with nothing to prove devote time in life’s fourth quarter to write a book or, in his case, three? Ben is already accomplished as a high-energy, financially secure, accomplished entrepreneur, father and grandfather, speaker, world traveler, fitness enthusiast, adventurer, avid reader, amateur historian, and futurist.

The Potentialist I: Your Future in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years and its upcoming companion books grew out of a project for his adult children and eight grandchildren. Ben wanted to help them prepare for when the world turns upside down during their lifetimes. As other people learned of Ben’s project and message, they encouraged him to publish his work.

What People Are Saying

In The Potentialist, Ben Lytle shares what will happen next and why. It’s scary and exciting. He provides us with strategies to stop, think, and flourish in a future world that prior generations could not even imagine.

Woodrow A. Myers Jr., MD, MBAFormer New York City Health Commissioner

This book has startling revelations and depth, yet it oozes with hope—not fear. Ben posits that the choices we make now are not only smart but necessary; a chance to embrace the unparalleled opportunity in a brave new world of advanced technology without sacrificing our humanity along with way.

Anne RyderSenior Lecturer of Journalism, Indiana University; former Emmy Award-winning anchor/reporter

Ben’s perspective as a proven entrepreneur and leader at the highest levels of business provides the perfect roadmap for growth and success in the new era of business and life.

Josh Linkner5-time tech entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author

Ben’s insights and experiences provide great insights and practical advice for navigating the coming years both from a professional and personal standpoint.

Rob RosenbergGlobal Head of Human Resources, DHL Supply Chain

Ben Lytle has written an important book. He reminds us that the only constant in life is change and that our ability to adapt and innovate will define our place in the world, both as individuals and as a nation.

Evan BayhFormer Governor and US Senator for Indiana

The Potentialist is a must-read for those of us who are trying to figure out what the future holds. Amazing transformation is taking place before our eyes with advances in computational technologies, AI, machine learning, robotics, etc. These technologies will gradually replace many jobs and create new ones. To me, the biggest value of this book is knowing how to guide our teenagers before choosing a career. It would be demoralizing for our kids to get themselves in large student loan debt only to realize that majors they studied in college is obsolete in few years. It’s hard to predict what will happen, but few clues are popping up here and there that can give us a window to the future.

Mack BaniameriTech Entrepreneur, Investor, Founder, Business Blogger